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Celebrating Dental Hygiene Month with Spinal Hygiene! 
For the month of October we are offering community members in the Dental Field a Complimentary Bodywork Sampler Package to try out our services and see if it’s right for you! These services include a consultation, chiropractic adjustment and 30 minute massage with evidence-based strategies to prevent pain and extend your career.
How does it work? Super easy… Call 858-481-0303 to schedule an appointment today and let the office staff know which dental office you work at. Receive a massage and chiropractic treatment. Feel amazing! It’s 100% complimentary so we can count it towards our community outreach hours. By sharing bodywork with you, we may be opening up your eyes to something you may not have experienced before … and possibly creating a new outlook on practicing dentistry pain-free. You must make an appointment by October 31, 2017 to honor Dental Hygiene Month.
Appointment slots fill up quickly! Call the office to schedule your treatment with us today at 858-481-0303 and be sure to mention your office location!